Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bookcase/Hutch Redo

See this old oak bookcase/hutch?  I bought it from a sweet lady that I met off Facebook!  Did you know FB has groups you can join....and they are just like CL?  I LOVE them!!!  And I LOVE most of the people I've met!  SO nice!!!  Well....I bought this for $40 (I'm pretty sure that's how much I paid for it).  It had the perfect lines and shape to match our office furniture.  All I had to do was paint it black.

I didn't REALLY wanna paint it because I was in a hurry to get it done and in the house.  So what's a girl to do.....use SPRAY PAINT!  Yeah, I know.  If not used properly, it can run/drip and look splotchy -- but if you spray it right, it can look REALLY good!  So....I ran to HD to grab a few cans (actually 3) of black spray paint!  I also added a piece of bead board to the back of it, that I had laying around in my garage!  A quick coat of black...shortly after it was done and put into the house!

I didn't put the doors back on and left it open and I added some new knobs that I had laying around and voila!!!  What a difference!

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Jill A. said...

I love this! Brilliant call to leave off the doors. This is truly a transformation!