Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pine Armoire and Dining Room Set Paint Job

I've had this pine armoire for years.  I bought it off e-Bay when I lived in Chicago, and my dad and I headed to the city with his truck to pick it up.  I think I paid a little over $200 for it and was SO excited to have it!  It's been in Chicago, it's been in Northwest Indiana.  Then when I got married, it got moved to Phoenix.  All the people who've helped us move hate us.  This thing is HEAVY!  :)  **And yes, that's me in the chair holding our second son who was about a week old in this picture.  It's the only good 'before' pic I had of the armoire!**

Now...about 5 years later, I got a wild hair to paint that big ole honkin' thing.  I did a lot of research on colors, because I didn't want to have to paint it twice.  I ended up going with Sherwin Williams "Creamy" as the color.  It's a GREAT soft white.  Not too white, not too off-white.  Here's how it turned out:

Ignore the upside down chairs in the left corner of the picture.  Those are on Craigslist right now...and I'll get to my new chairs next!  :)  Didn't it turn out GREAT!  It totally opened up the room and brightened it up!  I still have to paint the bun feet -- but I need my husband to help me lift it so I can put a piece of wood under them before I tackle that.  Like I said, it's HEAVY.  And that's an understatement.  So, they may not get done for quite a while.  HA!

Next, my dining room chairs.  Here's the best picture I could find of the table.  It was right after we moved in...so the dining room wasn't finished and if you follow my blog, you've seen the new hutch that I got and painted a gray-blue.  It's gorgeous.  But anyway...on to the table and chairs:

I got this set off CL for $250.  But I wanted a switch-up.  I got new chairs (that of course, I bought off Craigslist).  Here's a before shot of one of them:

I LOVED the style.  I HATED the color.  So, nothin' that a few cans of spray paint can't fix!  I bought Rust-Oleum spray paint at Home Depot -- and the color is "Heirloom White" in a satin finish.  It's a pretty good match to the Sherwin Williams "Creamy" color that I painted the living room armoire.  Here's how they turned out: 

Can you BELIEVE it?  They look like chairs that came from Pottery Barn!!  Yippee!!  Just the look I was going for.  :)  Then....they looked funny at my table.  So I flipped it upside down and took the legs off.  I sprayed them 'Heirloom White' as well...and painted the skirt of the table 'Creamy'.  A wonderful match -- and SO easy!  With the shape of the table legs, I didn't want to have to paint it by hand with a brush.  TOO much work for this mama!  And this is how the whole set looks now:

SWOON!!!!!!  :)  I'm FINALLY happy with my living and dining room!  Now...what's the next project?  HA HA!


Chad and Lisa said...

looks great! i love seeing all the things you do and hope that one day it will give me the motivation to start doing some re-decorating as well.

Amy said...

Thanks Lisa!!! :) I LOVE doing it! Seems like I ALWAYS have a project going on over here. Some of them take a while to do...but I go at it during nap and bed time for the kids! :)

Flourchild said...

Very nice! You did a great job painting the table and chairs!